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Investidor: New Jersey Division of Investment
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Andares: 2
Número de Apartamentos: 144

Aegean Villas

Looks like Aegean town and be one of the highest rated sites in the region. A very large area of 312.000sqm  has only 144 villas. Each villa’s garden is independent of one another and protects private life. There are 400 adult olive trees in the common area landscape. Strengthening of neighborly relations with common sharing points such as open air cinema, village coffee, market.  Increase the living motivation with 2,5km walking and cycling trail, tennis courts and carpet right activities.       

Why you should buy a house from this project?

  • 1. Natural Architectural design.
  • 2. Highest session rate in the region
  • 3. Common sharing areas like open air cinema and village cafe.
  • 4. 2,5km walking and cycling trail.
  • 5. The gardens are detached and useful.





Fitness center


Oakland, California

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